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Turn your Footsteps into Forests

Turn your Footsteps into Forests

Turn your Footsteps into Forests

Treekly® Steps Challenges

Good for your Health                        Good for our Planet 

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Every day someone walks over 5000 steps, they plant a tree

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Loved by thousands of employees at companies including

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Involve employees & customers in your ESG strategy 

Reward participants for maintaining a daily walking habit of 5000+ steps by funding reforestation projects.

How it works


Connect your steps

Use your phone's built in step counter, or connect your favourite fitness tracker

Join your group

Use your group's unique code to join the community and Steps Challenge 

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Live leaderboards

Encourage healthy competition with live leaderboards showing day/week/month splits of data

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Share your impact

Showcase your impact with your live community page and access to social assets library

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Automated steps data

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In-app steps leagues with your own branded dashboard showings steps and trees planted

Compete in teams

See who earns the most trees or walks the most steps. Compete in teams locally or globally.  

Business Pricing

Invest in the wellbeing of your community + planet 



£6 per user

+£500 one-off with 500 tree starter forest

🌱 5000 steps in a day = 1 tree planted

🌱 Team and solo leaderboards

🌱 Web and in-app Company dashboard

🌱 Comms and media assets folder

🌳 500 tree Starter Forest




🌱 5000 steps in a day = 1 tree planted

🌱 Team and solo leaderboards

🌱 Web and in-app Company dashboard

🌱 Comms and media assets folder

🌱 Dedicated account manager

🌳 Bespoke Starter Forest

prices excl. VAT

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Upgrade to certified carbon projects, UK trees and a weekly walking challenge by gifting your employees or customers an Earth Mode™ subscription. Learn more.


Your Community

Motivate people to walk more by funding mangrove reforestation. Create teams for some healthy competition.

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10 UN Sustainability development goal logos including no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, climate action, life below water, life on land and partnerships for goals



Motivate your community to maintain a daily walking habit of over 5000 steps. Together, turn footsteps into forests.


Global Reforestation Projects

Use Treekly to grow a forest and capture CO2 from the atmosphere. 

Fulfil 10 of the UN's 17 Sustainability Development Goals and 4 pillars of corporate governance. 

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“I became 'that person' last night who walks around his living room to get the final few hundred steps! Not that I am competitive!”

Paul Healy, E.ON, Head of Product B2B Energy Solutions

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