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 Plant trees    
for walking 

Combine wellbeing and sustainability 
to engage people in your ESG strategy.

Turning Footsteps into Forests

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Earn trees for keeping up a walking habit of 5000 steps a day
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Treekly Community™

(Free to use version, subject to approval)


Branded in-app group with automated Steps Leaderboard


Impact Hub to share your progress to the world


Full suite of made-for-you Media Assets and Comms support


Noticeboard (in-app) to promote your environmental commitments and product offers


Preferential rates on individual subscriptions and tree packs for each member who joins


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Unlimited Welcome Trees 


Every single person who joins your branded in-app group is gifted one free tree. The trees appear in your members’ app forest with your logo as the funder.

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Our Trees

Plant Mangrove Trees

in our Mteza Creek, Kenya Reforestation Project


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Mangroves are a 'supertree', locking away CO2 in their root systems for decades to come. Every tree you plant helps rebalance the Earth's atmosphere and combat climate change


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The tree planting programmes we support help enrich communities, lifting vulnerable people out of poverty. Planting trees through our challenges provides fairly paid, sustainable work.



Hundreds of species depend on mangroves for their habitat. Deforestation has displaced these species and reduced biodiversity. With your help, we can restore mangrove forests and put back vital habitats. 

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The trees are planted to a rigorous standard in partnership with Veritree, involving local communities where overuse of land has previously devastated local habitats and economies. Veritree track all projects using blockchain technology, and assess the growth and survivability of the trees by using AI, computer vision and IOT sensors to enhance project transparency, all aligned to 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Regular updates are provided from the planting sites, including GPS records of planting sessions and on-the-ground photos.

More of our Impact Partners

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Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Harness the Power of Community 

Access all features of our Treekly Community™ engagement platform after funding an initial 'Starter Forest'.


Simply make a contribution to your chosen reforestation project, reach out to your audience and lead the way in the collective impact you can achieve together...


Get your trees tally off to good start and watch it accelerate the more people in your community engage with your commitment and get involved. Step by step...


Together We're Planting a Forest

Read some of the stories our partners have shared with us

custom branding


trees planted

number of members


plant more trees by adding members, funding steps challenges, or planting a starter forest

post community news, offers, educational content, announcements...

engage an unlimited number of community members with free trees for joining your group

add your own unique branding to your community group


fund a steps challenge to let your community get into teams, for some healthy competition

Image by Arek Adeoye

The Treekly Challenge for one tree per month is FREE.

Our model is provide you with the "platform" to further engage your community with various add-ons...

from £1.50/user

Steps Challenges

Activate a sponsored Steps Challenges from 5 days to 365! Reward each user with a tree every day they walk 5000+ steps. Easy to administer, highly motivating and inclusive 


Switch on Earth Mode™

A hand-picked set of climate projects, including certified carbon offsets, ocean plastic recovery, kelp forestation, and UK trees. Fund climate solutions as an employee perk or customer benefit

from 30p/tree

Fund a Forest

Start off your campaign or initiative with a forest, fund trees to mark milestones, or setup recurring orders for ongoing impact. Partners have access to our best rates on tree planting.


Grow your community

Whether it's your customers, clients, fans or employees, invite them to your branded group in the app. Create some healthy competition with a sponsored challenge to plant a tree every day they walk more than 5000 steps

Fund trees

As a member of your community group in Treekly, the trees are planted in their app forest and at one of our global reforestation projects

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Engage your community

Use the in-app noticeboard to share your environmental commitments, and post educational content. Also available to promote offers and celebrate key milestones. Together, turning footsteps into forests!

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