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Turn your Footsteps into Forests

Turn your Footsteps into Forests

Turn your Footsteps into Forests

Turning Footsteps into Forests

 Maintain a daily walking habit of 5,000 steps, which funds

global reforestation projects.

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We harness the power of walking for a healthier planet

We believe walking can have a massive impact on your health, with studies showing daily walks prevent 1 in 10 chronic diseases. Our app helps you step up your daily walking habit, by rewarding you with trees.

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The Treekly app encourages you to maintain a daily walking habit of 5,000 steps a day, to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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Watch your impact score grow by earning trees from your daily walks, and fund mangrove tree reforestation.

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Create a Community Group to encourage your employees or customers to walk more whilst you fund trees on their behalf. 

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Earn a tree for completing  daily steps goals and walking challenges

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Fund trees in global sites and plant them in your own virtual forest

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Capture CO2 from the atmosphere and see your impact grow

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* Represents the number of trees earned and planted by the Treekly Community in their digital forests. In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, there is a contractual commitment to fund and plant the same number of mangrove trees.

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“ I became that person last night who walks around his living room to get the final few hundred steps! Not that I am competitive! 

Paul, UK

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Ready to take your first steps?

Download the Treekly app and start turning your Footsteps into Forests.

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