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How companies can celebrate Earth Month in April 2023

Updated: Apr 30

Image showing planet earth from space with sun shinning behind it. Text reads: Earth Month 2023 with Treekly logo

Every April, countries, businesses, and individuals from around the world celebrate Earth Month. The event raises awareness of environmental issues and promotes collective action to protect and restore the planet.

What is Earth Month?

Since 1970, Earth Month has become a global movement that involves millions of people, with events and initiatives taking place throughout the month to promote environmental awareness and encourage individuals and businesses to take action.

What is the theme of Earth Month 2023?

The theme for Earth Month changes each year, with a focus on different environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and plastic pollution. This April, the theme is “Invest in Our Planet” and focuses on engaging governments, businesses, and citizens to play their part.

Why should my business get involved?

Earth Month acts as an opportunity to educate employees and customers about environmental issues and promote a culture of sustainability. With a recent study finding 62% of employees want to work for a company that has a positive social and environmental impact, there’s no better time for businesses to start embedding sustainability into their practices. As well as providing an environmental benefit, sustainable practices can improve employee satisfaction and well-being. A study by the University of Exeter found that employees who work in eco-friendly buildings with good air quality, natural lighting, and green spaces have 15% higher productivity levels.

How can I get my workplace involved?

For businesses, Earth Month is an exciting time to prioritise sustainability and implement environmentally friendly practices that will help reduce their impact on the planet all year round. Whether that’s reducing energy consumption, promoting recycling, or reducing waste, every effort counts, and no action is too small when it comes to creating a more sustainable future.

There are several opportunities to take part in this coming Earth month whether individually or as a collective. Due to this Earth Month focuses on engaging businesses to invest in our planet, it is important that businesses are exposed to initiatives that not only help them invest and support our planet but also their employees.

Fund tree planting and encourage your employees to get outside this Earth Month

Treekly is focusing on providing an engaging initiative for businesses to collectively make an impact on our planet, making it even easier to get involved this year, with a simple yet meaningful approach to engage their community. Our Business Steps Challenges encourages employees to connect with nature and promote a healthier workforce; rewarding employees for maintaining an obtainable daily walking habit which in turn helps fund mangrove reforestation projects.

Users simply connect a smart watch or smartphone to take part in a company steps challenge to start turning their footsteps into forests!

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