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How E.ON and Nottingham Forest FC Planted over 37,000 Trees With their Community

Throughout October, E.ON and Nottingham Forest FC partnered with Treekly to give people a tree every time they hit a daily 5000 step goal.

By joining the sponsored E.ON group on the Treekly app, people were rewarded for their daily walks with a real mangrove tree, at our reforestation project in Kenya.

Over 2,700 fans and customers took part, planting a total of 37,170 trees. Over the next twenty five years, the mangrove trees planted will sequester an estimated 11,500 tonnes of emitted CO2.

Here's what E.ON shared across their social channels during the month-long challenge:


"Together we can plant a forest" E.ON Website, 27th September 2023

"In October, we've partnered with the Treekly app - turning footsteps into forests. Complete a day of 5,000 steps, track via the E.ON Treekly app community group, and we’ll plant a tree. To join our community, simply download the Treekly app and join the E.ON group."

Week 1 Roundup

Week 2 Roundup

Final Roundup after 4 weeks

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