Treekly App
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Can you complete
the Treekly Challenge?

🥾 Develop a walking habit of 5000 steps a day ​

🎯 Hit your target for five days in a week to earn a tree

🏅 Compete with friends and family to plant trees

🌳 Go one step further with Treekly Plus and plant one tree every day you walk 5000 steps 

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Plant Trees

🌱 Plant trees in your very own virtual forest

🌳 Watch your forest grow

🌲 Buy tree packs or upgrade to Treekly Plus to grow your forest 

Climate Impact Score

📈 View your dynamic, personalised climate impact score 

🌳 Watch it improve as you plant more trees 

🌱 Plant more trees and become climate positive 

Walk Together

🙌  Join Groups with friends, family & colleagues

⭐️ Keep track of who’s walking the most

🏅 Compete team vs team for some healthy competition 

Start turning your Footsteps
into Forests.

Are you a Business? Check out Treekly for workplaces

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