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Treekly Plus
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Plant trees EVERY DAY. 

Upgrade to Treekly Plus to start planting trees every day you complete 5000 steps


Plant up to 365 trees a year. 


Just £4.99 a month.


Cancel anytime.

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Make strides to becoming climate positive

Treekly Plus is one of the easiest ways to improve your Impact Score and become climate positive

Ideal for those who consistently walk 5000 steps a day and want to add more support to our tree planting project in Madagascar and reduce their carbon footprint.

Walk 5000 steps for 20 days in a month to earn your climate positive badge.

The average carbon emissions for a UK adult are 12 tonnes a year (1000kg per month). Planting one tree captures an estimated 50kg between now and the year 2030, which is commonly acknowledged as the tipping point for our planet.

Start turning your Footsteps
into Forests.

Are you a Business? Check out Treekly for workplaces

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