How to claim your free tree*

1️⃣  Download Treekly 

2️⃣ Join your county's team by entering its unique code (see below)

*Your tree will be automatically added to your digital Forest after joining your county team

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Join Your County

Earn your first tree just for representing your county 🌱 

1️⃣ Download/open your Treekly app and click the 'Together' tab

2️⃣ Select the green '+' icon followed by 'Join a group'

3️⃣ Enter your county code

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Which county will plant the most trees?

🥾 Represent your county and compete to see which county has the highest average steps

 🏆 Push your county up the trees Leaderboard

🌳 Earn a tree for joining the Challenge + 1 per week when you walk 5000 steps, 5 days a week

🤝 Get 25% extra trees when you purchase a £10 Tree Pack

🎗30% of the revenue generated during the Challenge will be donated to UK-based charities

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