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Together, turning footsteps into forests

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Treekly® is the app that turns your footsteps into forests.

Keep up a daily walking habit of 5000 steps, to earn trees planted on your behalf.

On this page, you'll find everything you need to get started on your Treekly® journey, as well as some insights into our global climate projects.


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How to Join the Community


Get it on Google Play badge with Google Play Store logo



no password required

> Select the Together tab at the bottom of the app


> Tap + and then select Join Group


> Enter your Invite Code and tap Join Community


How to Join a Team

1. In your group, select Teams


2. Select a team from the list and tap it


3. Tap Join


The App



See your steps and progress towards completing your challenge, check your impact score and view all our latest announcements.



See the trees you've earned and planted so far, and any trees ready to plant. Find out more about which location and project each tree is planted in. 



View all of our different global climate projects, purchase tree packs, or send gifts to other Treekly® users.



Join a community or view the communities you've already joined. See other people's step counts and tree totals, and how many trees each community has planted.

Getting Started

How to Connect a Steps Tracker


On the Home tab of the app, tap the yellow banner to connect your phone, fitness device or wearable. You'll need to set up steps tracking to earn trees by walking. Here is a dedicated page with detailed guides/tips for connecting your preferred steps tracker to the app

How to Plant your Earned Trees


In the Forest tab, you'll see all of the trees you've planted as well as earned trees that are ready to plant. If you see a spade icon on this screen, it means you have. earned a tree and need to plant it. Just tap the spade to plant each tree. Alternatively, if you've got lots of trees to plant, tap the 'Plant all trees' button at the bottom of the screen.

Image by Arek Adeoye

Why 5000 steps?

We created Treekly® as an easy way to look after your health. Walking is the most readily achievable, low impact way of getting daily exercise. By earning tree rewards, you can help reforest the earth while maintaining healthy habits.

The often touted 10,000 steps figure was never based on any scientific data, it was just a nice round number. But studies have shown that walking less than 5000 daily steps is considered sedentary. Consistently walking more than 5000 steps a day is enough to reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve mental health.

The Trees

Each tree you plant in the Treekly® app represents one real mangrove tree being planted. Our reforestation site is in Mombasa, Kenya, which is fully verified and tracked in partnership with Veritree. Their standards align to 10 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Mangroves not only sequester vast amounts of carbon, due to their unique root system, but also protect and restore ecosystems, as well as providing fairly paid work days for local communities. Each tree removes an estimated 310kg of carbon from the atmosphere over 25 years, so even one tree is making a vital impact for the planet.

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The trees are planted to a rigorous standard in partnership with Veritree, involving local communities where overuse of land has previously devastated local habitats and economies. Veritree track all projects using blockchain technology, and assess the growth and survivability of the trees by using AI, computer vision and IOT sensors to enhance project transparency, all aligned to 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Regular updates are provided from the planting sites, including GPS records of planting sessions and on-the-ground photos.

Image by Arek Adeoye

Available options in the app to maximise your impact


Plant trees every day or every week with a TreeklyWalk™ subscription. Every single time you hit your daily or weekly target, you'll plant a real mangrove tree

Fund global projects

Purchase trees from our worldwide tree projects, increasing your impact and helping our global effort to reverse deforestation

Plant more trees

Purchase single trees, or buy tree packs to add to your forest. You can even send them as gifts to help others on their climate journey.


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