We've made it easy for you

Taking climate action isn’t as straightforward for businesses as it sounds. 

​We do the maths and put a package together based on the carbon footprints of your employees, meaning you can help them become a climate positive team with just a few taps. 

Also, the health of our teams should be at the forefront of the way we do business. Offering regular breaks and incentivising walking are huge strides toward a healthier workforce. 

Take the first steps today. Help reduce your team members’ carbon footprints, and motivate them to get active.

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A recent study by YouGov reported that consumers are 67% more likely to choose a product or service from a business that is taking action on climate change and the environment. 


As part of our mission, we aim to make the workplace a healthier, happier place.


That's why we created Treekly for Business

🥾 A hybrid sustainability and employee engagement initiative that gets people moving

🏅 Encourage healthy competition with automated team-based Steps Leagues

🌳 Every day colleagues complete their 5000 steps they earn an extra tree, added to their own forest.

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Healthy competition


See a company leaderboard with everyone's daily and weekly step counts


See who’s walking the most and making an impact


Compete to see who can improve their step counts for a little healthy competition