Your dynamic, personalised impact score

We know that monitoring your environmental impact is easier said than done 

That's why we created the Climate Impact Score 

Now you can monitor your impact, plant trees to improve it and take steps to become climate positive with our Tree Packs or Treekly Plus

What's my impact? 

The lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis all have an environmental impact, whether that be through the food we eat, the cars we drive, or the clothes we wear 

It seems almost impossible to try to quantify your carbon footprint in a way that's easy to understand 

This is where the Climate Impact Score comes in

The climate impact score takes into account the average carbon footprint for a UK adult and how many trees you've planted to give you a personalised, dynamic score

Climate Positivity: the Ultimate Goal

Improving your climate impact score is easy. Plant more trees and watch it improve.

The majority of our users are free users, meaning the maximum number of trees you can plant a month is 4 (1 per week).


So, although you can improve your impact score this way, you cannot become climate positive. See our calculations here.

For the climate heroes out there who want to go one step further and become climate positive, our Tree Packs and Treekly Plus allow you to offset your entire carbon footprint - and then some! 

We've done the maths

The average annual carbon footprint, we've calculated as 14.8 tonnes. This is a more conservative figure than most estimates but we think it's better to overestimate than underestimate. 


Using this same logic, we have calculated each of our mangrove trees sequestrate 52 kg of CO2 over 10 years. 


So, to offset the average annual carbon footprint of a UK adult, 285 trees every year need to be planted. This works out to be 24 trees a month. 


Turn your footsteps into forests.